Welcome to Reonomy! We’re very excited to have you on board. Getting started with new software can feel daunting, so this guide will help you get the ball rolling. By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to create a prospecting list, save a search and even add your personal notes to properties! 

Discovering properties is easy using Reonomy. Let’s set up a search that looks for all office buildings in Santa Monica that have been built since the year 2000 that haven't sold in 5 years. Each one of these filters can be found in the dropdown. 

(1) Click the magnifying glass to activate your search

(2) Enter Santa Monica as your City in the Location section

(3) Select All Office under the Commercial category in the Property Type section 

(4) Enter year built in the Building & Lot section 

(5) In the Sales section, choose the not within button for the Sale Date filter and select past 5 years 

(6) Click Apply

Step 2:  Research a property with Property Cards

The property cards on the left of your screen will display all of the results from your search. To learn more and look a little deeper into the property, click on a Property Card.

Each property card will have tabs corresponding to the search filters you used earlier. Click on each Property Card to see all of the data Reonomy has for that property. 

Step 3: Maximize your workflow

Reonomy has some great workflow tools to help stay on top of your prospects. You can easily add your own notes to Reonomy in the property card

(1) Create labels to track a list of properties

(2) Create dynamic searches by saving your criteria

Reonomy offers bi-weekly webinars where you can get a full walk through of the software. You can sign up for them at this link

For any additional questions, please reach out to the Client Experience team through the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen.

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