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Getting Started in Reonomy
How do I carry out my first search on Reonomy?
How do I carry out my first search on Reonomy?
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You can search on Reonomy in three different ways:

Search by Address, Location, or Owner

If you’re trying to quickly reference ownership or property information on a specific parcel, use the search bar. Simply click on the Search Bar at the top of your home screen and type in the address, location, or owner name. With the street address, city and state, or owner/company name, Reonomy finds the property for you.

Search by Filters

When you’re looking to canvass an area or identify all properties that fit a specific profile, you’ll want to use Reonomy’s Search Filters. To get started, click on More Filters. Toggle between the various filters: from location to asset type, building, ownership, occupants, sales, debt, and tax information. You can layer in as many search criteria as you like. For example, if you’re looking for office buildings in Denver, Colorado that are above 100,000 square feet that haven’t been sold in the last 10 years, Reonomy can find just that!

Search by Map

When you’re looking to focus on properties within a certain area or region, you can search directly on the map. Start by using zoom +/- to get to the specific state or region where you’d like to focus, or, you can use Search Filters to specify a location. You can also use the Radius and Polygon tools to search within the map area. If you’d like you can use the Radius and Polygon tools together to highlight targeted map areas like this.

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