A few things can inadvertently limit your number of search results. Some of the most common reasons are:

Zooming in on the map too far -

  • If the map is only showing a single property or certain area, the search will be limited to what is shown. Make sure you’re zoomed out all the way before running a new search.

Having criteria you didn’t mean to add in the Search filters -

  • Depending on what you’re looking for, Reonomy will add a State to the search criteria automatically, such as when you’re looking up an Owner of Record. This could interfere with your search - always check the search criteria at the top to make sure you’re only listing the criteria that’s important to your search. You can remove any criteria you don’t want by clicking on the x to the right of the search term.

Relying on too specific of an Asset Type -

  • The Asset Type categories are based on designations at the county level. Some lump everything under “Commercial - General”, for example, instead of categorizing properties with more granularity. Selecting all of a category, such as “All Multifamily”, will capture more of the properties you might be looking for, rather than selecting more specific asset type categories.

Search based on a specific piece of information which may not be listed on the property -

  • For example, Building Area or Maturity Dates may not be included on the property in question, so they aren’t showing up in the search. Try broadening your search criteria to include more properties.

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