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How can I create a report in Reonomy?
How can I create a report in Reonomy?
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You can create a report using our PDF reporting tool within the app. The PDF Report is a one-page report that includes building & lot information on the property, the most recent mortgage and sales information. You can create an individual property one-pager or a report of up to 20 properties at a time. 

To Create a PDF Report for One Property:

To Create a PDF Report for Multiple Properties:

You can also add your logo to the multiple property PDF report by clicking the Add a custom logo button and uploading your logo to the report before clicking Print.

To Export Properties:

You can export properties into either a CSV or XLS (Excel) file. To do so, label the properties you want to export. Then, click on the Export button at the top of the page. Here, you can choose: 

  • The number of properties you want to export (up to 2000) 

  • Select your export options

  • Select your file type 

Then, click Export to download your file. 

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