You can create a lead list on Reonomy based on your search criteria and export that list to begin prospecting and marketing to your leads!

Your export can be downloaded in XLS (Excel Spreadsheet) or CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. You can choose to create a separate tab for Ownership information in your export to create an easier import to your CRM. 

If you will be using information in your export to send physical mail to your prospects, we suggest using the contact_name columns to send the owner mail. 

Our Ownership contact information is listed by recency, frequency and relevancy so we recommend starting with the first contact phone number and mailing address to begin prospecting.

You can also find occupant information in your export. To reach out to the occupant contact, we suggest using the contacts.first_name and contacts.last_name as well as contacts.street to send the occupant contact mail.

You can also qualify Ownership data before exporting using our Ownership Feedback feature. Ownership Feedback allows you to mark phone numbers and emails with a quality score and removes those numbers and emails with a "bad quality" score from your export. 

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