You will find additional fields on the Debt Tab for properties with CMBS Loan information. Additional fields include Loan Info, ARM and Performance information.

The data is in a slide out that shows when users click "View" in the CMBS tab. A Loan in the Debt table that has -- in the CMBS column means that it is not a CMBS loan. If a property does not have the CMBS column visible, that means we do not have any CMBS loans on it.

If a property has an active CMBS loan on it, users can also quickly access the information via the Key Stats CMBS field. Clicking "Active" will display the slide out of data.

Most properties with CMBS coverage will also have Operating information:

  • Financials for up to 2 years on these properties

  • NOI (net operating income)

  • NCF (Net cashflow)

  • DSCR = Annual NOI/Mortgage payments

If CMBS data is available on a property, we will show the updated asset type, units, year built, and operating data.

You can use this data to:

  • Prospect for refinancing opportunities

  • View the properties for income and expense comparables

  • Utilize the data as distressed property test for key markets

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