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Best Practices (Investor/Developer)
Best Practices Guide: Investors/Developers
Best Practices Guide: Investors/Developers
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Some of our largest partners are investment firms and developers - from speaking with them every day, we've catered the application to better fit the needs of investors or developers looking for opportunities.


Identify opportunities with search functionality that fits your needs

  • While we have hundreds of filters, we’ve worked with our customers like you to curate key search needs like transaction history, debt, portfolio that you can utilize to find your target properties


Understand trends and transaction history with any market, owner or property: Be more informed than your competitor by making data your strategic advantage.

  • Discover your next deal with likely to sell properties and transaction history

  • Strengthen your pitch with owner portfolio, debt history, tax history, and sales comps

  • With Reonomy, you can compare properties and portfolios using over 100 data points on any asset


After better understanding markets and curating more strategic lists of properties and people of interest, our investment/development firms are more equipped, and easily enabled to reach out to owners

  • Your team can easily access an owner’s phone number, mailing address and email address

  • Build out phone, SMS, and email campaigns with targeted owner lists

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