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What are Reonomy Property Recommendations?
What are Reonomy Property Recommendations?

This article describes what criteria make up Reonomy Property Recommendations

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You may have received emails from Reonomy Insights which include Reonomy recommended properties. These recommendations are determined from an algorithm that identifies relevant properties to send based on your past activity in the application.

Here are frequently asked questions about Reonomy Property Recommendations.

How are the properties selected?

The algorithm calculates the top asset category and geographic location that you have been interacting with in recent months to select relevant properties. Interactions include property views, exporting properties, adding notes, and creating labels. Once matching properties are found, the algorithm considers other factors like completeness of data based on the role indicated in your Account Settings. For example, if you're a Lender, we'll be sure that the properties we send you have substantial debt information. If you're a Sales Broker, we'll be sure that the properties we send you have in depth sales information.

Are any properties excluded?

If a property has been viewed in the past two months or a recommendation for the property has already been sent, it will be excluded.

Are these recommendations based on data science or machine learning?

No, a rules based approach is used.

Are the properties included public listings or likely to sell?

Not necessarily. As mentioned, we take your role into account when deciding what properties we send you. The Likely to Sell filter would be taken into account if you identify as a Sales Broker or Investor. Since we don't integrate with any MLS's, no public active listings will be included.

Are recommendations sent to all users?

The feature is currently in beta and recommendations are only going out to a subset of users.

How can I opt-out or opt-in to receiving these emails?

All users who are eligible for recommendations will see a toggle within their Account Settings where they can update their preferences.

For reference, see below a sample Reonomy Property Recommendations email:

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