The Owner tab is comprised owners and contacts collected from public sources as well as data from our exclusive data partners. We have been able to pierce through shell LLCs and identify true owners to ensure you are granted the most accurate access to property ownership details.

You will see two sections on the owner tab -- Owners and Contacts. The Owner section includes the company and/or people owners that we have identified as being the owner of the property. Here, if applicable, you will be able to see if a property is owned directly or through a subsidiary, branch or shell company. We have also been able to identify and indicate if an owner is affiliated with a religious or government entity.

The Contacts section includes names, job titles, addresses, phone numbers and/or emails for individuals that are associated with the identified company owner.

We always include the Reported Owner information on this tab which is details derived from the tax assessor record as well as Mortgage Signatory information.

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