We recently released a new property page design which included updates to the owner tab.

Improved accuracy of owner information:

We have refined our ability to pierce through shell LLCs to ensure we are providing the most relevant people in relation to a property. On the contact card, you are easily able to identify if a property is owned directly by a person/company or indirectly through a subsidiary or branch.

We now also identify if an owner falls under government or religious categories. This information can be seen under the owner name on the owner tab.

Each owner card includes a portfolio preview with key information like what property types the owner of interest has in their portfolio and when their last acquisition was. If you prefer to hide this preview, you can do so by clicking Hide Portfolio Preview. This will store your preference -- if you choose to hide the preview, the preview will be hidden on each subsequently viewed property.

If the owner is an individual, their contact information will be visible on the owner card.

Clicking the owner name will open the owner portfolio in a new tab.

Ownership categories:

The owner tab has two sections: owners and contacts.

Owners Section:

This section includes owners. Owners are companies and people we have determined to own this property directly, through a subsidiary/branch, or through a shell company/LLC.

Also included in this section is reported owner information. The reported owner is derived from ownership information presented in the tax assessor record for this property.

People Owners: Contact information for people owners can be found on the owner card.

Company Owners: Contact information for companies are listed in the contacts section of the owner tab. You can also click the View Contacts button which will bring you to the contacts tab of the owner portfolio.

Contacts Section:

This section is comprised of contacts. Listed here are Principal Contacts which are individuals identified as an officer or director of a legal entity or as having a controlling interest in the entity. Mortgage signatories are also listed in this section.

To view all contacts associated with the property, click the View All button.

To learn more about the updates to the property page, visit the Get the most out of the new property page article.

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