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Get the most out of the new property page
Get the most out of the new property page

Tips and tools to help activate intelligence with our property page

Written by Jane Gold
Updated over a week ago

We recently released a new property page designed to better highlight the depth and breadth of the intelligence we offer. We are bringing added attention to difficult-to-reach insights and creating clearer pathways for your outreach and engagement strategies.

The property page is comprised of two panels: property information on the left and a map on the right. This allows you to review property information while exploring via the map.


The map on the left-side of the page is set to street-view which allows you to easily view the property of interest.

The map on the right-side of the page, can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the arrow toggles.

Expanding will enlarge the map to full screen. To return to the split screen view, click the collapse arrow on the left.

Collapsing will hide the map and expand the property information to full screen. To return to the split screen view, click the expand arrow on the right.

To activate map layers, click the icon on the right panel map. You can also engage with map layers while viewing the map in full screen.

Sales, Debt and Occupant Tab Tables:

Data continues to be displayed in table form. To simplify your view and ensure you are seeing the most pertinent data fields, use the edit columns functionality. By activating this feature, you have the ability to select fields to be added or removed from display as well as the ability to adjust the order in which the data fields appear. Once you set your table preferences, your preferred order will be applied across all properties. You will need to set preferences for each tab, but this only needs to be completed one time for your preference to be saved.

CMBS and Pre-Foreclosure Notices:

If applicable, pre-foreclosure and CMBS information will be identified in the property header.

Clicking the blue links will open a panel with the applicable information. CMBS information can also be found on the debt tab.

Toggling through your search results:

After clicking on a property card from the search results list, you are able to swiftly cycle through the other properties in the results list by clicking the arrows at the top right.

To learn more about the new ownership tab design, visit the Get the most out of the new ownership tab article.

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